Handicraft traditions are kept alive in Cumanayagua

Handicraft traditions are kept alive in CumanayaguaFor Cumanayagua´s Canary- rooted people the handicraft culture has always occupied an important place in their preferences, hat is why they keep alive their traditions throughthe actions of those who selflessly transmit their knowledge to the new generations.

Since a decade ago, Hilda Abreu, a Camary – rooted woman from Cumanayagua municipality runs a small handicraft workshop using her own resources; the workshop has as aim to teach young girls from “Mario Castillo” Elementary School, as well as other children in the area, sewing, knitting and crochet techniques. The young apprentices claim to feel proud of learning from Hilda since it is part of their grandparents´culture and what they learn is quite useful at home.

In theseten years of Hilda´s experience in this educational labor regarding handicraft many little girls from Cumanayagua municipality in Cienfuegos have participated in different events for Creative Women and expositions in which they have been awarded due to their works, as well as keping the traditions in their offspring.

Hilda, who is retired fro the educational sector and for 35 years worked as elementary school teacher, still feels the call for educating and transmitting our cultural traditions to the new generations. She has stated that she had always wanted to do this labor but since she retired she is fulfilling her mother´s old dream, who always asked Hilda to teach what she had taught her to the new generations.

That is why Hilda states that she feels great pleasure by teaching courses of these specialities in the Local Museum, as well as the work with the young craftwomen, and she also has a project with the Cuban Women´s Federation (spanish acronym FMC) to extend this knowledge to all the women in the municipality.

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