Housing Program in Cienfuegos mountains steps forward

Housing Program in Cienfuegos mountains steps forwardGuamuhaya Mountain Range in Cienfuegos province has reasons today to provide different dawns. One more time the Cuban Revolution keeps its word. No Cuban citizen is abandoned in difficult situations.  Those who live in backcountry villages at southern Escambray know it well.

“After the last hurricane, over two years ago, many houses in these mountains were taken down; mine among them. I didn´t know what to do with my three children and my wife; we had lost our home.” comments Juan García. “I must be honest, when the officials of the Cuban Communist Party and the government in the municipality came over here to encourage us, I thought the solution for my house quite far away; and there you go, time passed by very fast and today I hold the keys to my new home in my hand”, tells us Juan, visibly excited, as he opens the door to his house.

Along with this farmer´s, 150 houses have been built in the mountains of Cienfuegos. The fear for natural disasters was left behind; now these properties are located in sites where the risk for floods is minor. The design is attractive and comfortable; it includes a hard- ceiling room that allows evacuating in the rooftops in case of floods.

Building these houses, most of them located more than 500 meters over the sea level, was a heroic deed. It didn´t matter the distances or the inhospitable roads to transport here the resources assigned by the Revolutionary government.

The endeavor of builders from the 4 agriculture enterprises in Cumanayagua municipality enabled that in less than two months the task was successfully concluded. The Housing Program steps forward and continues in Cienfuegos mountains, now in Yaguanabo beach, located in the territory´s southern area, where more than 40 houses will be built to be delivered to families affected by meteors. At the same time, recreation centers and gastronomy facilities are being rescued from deterioration.

Seeing that its children are not forgotten is a special reason for the Guamuhaya Mountain Range shows different sunrises.

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