Initiated experience for environmental education in blind and visually handicapped children in Cienfuegos

Initiated experience for environmental education in blind and visually handicapped children in CienfuegosAn educational practice binds sighted, blind and visually handicapped children from Cienfuegos for the acquisition of knowledge on nature has emerged in Cienfuegos city. The initiative from specialists of the Flora and Wildlife enterprise in the territory and the Special Ward for the Blind in the Provincial Library joins experiences regarding environmental education.

“We decide to join our efforts throughout several years, enabling that the knowledge acquired by children in our Science Clubs about environment could be transmitted to blind or visually handicapped children”, expressed Marcelo Llul, specialist of the Flora and Wildlife enterprise, government entity in crage of managing protected areas, wildlife shelters and forests in Cienfuegos.

“As for us, this is the beginning of an educational project, necessary to socialize blind and visually handicapped children; to atract them towards the natural world that many of them have not been able to see”, stated the Bachelor in Sociocultural Studies Alexis Gazcón, from the Special Ward for the Blind in the Provincial Library.

The experience seeks that knowledge travels both ways. That´s why they use the CD “Cuban birds songs” and in- relief pictures to motivate them through touch, while sighted children will understand how blind children perceive.

“There are endemic birds such as the catey, the tocororo and the cartacuba, some of the endangered, which means we have to take care of them”, explained 11- year- old Rosibel Estrada Pérez to her visually handicapped classmates while they listened to their singing.

Child Romina Novoa López, initiated her new friends in the Braille language: “… after placing the template and taking the bodkin, we stat from right to left, making holes for the ones who cannot see feel every letter and read them”.

During the first of these meetings- which will be monthly and expect to gather a lot more children from the special schools- as it was expected the little ones shared their knowledge.

Specially Marisney  Cruz Cabrera, whose vision is affected by a genetic disease, expects to learn more about Brailleto communicate better with his classmate, who is fully blind.

Some improved their hearing, otehrs their imagination to describe nature to those who haven´t been able to see it and all eaggerly expect the coming of the last Saturday in the month, moment set to listen together again the sound of nature and probe its forms.

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