Initiatives multiply efficiency and productions

Initiatives multiply efficiency and productionsThe Mártires de Barbados Basic Unit for Cooperative Production is the third agrarian pole in Cienfuegos province; the growing rhythm of its productions during the last 7 years has turned into acknowledgment to its workers and officials.

A considerable extension of land, only a few kilometers from Cienfuegos city, lands bathed by the Arimao River and the sweat of those who labor them, constitute two reasons that propitiate a tomato harvest out of season. The shipments, that will complete the 250 tons, prevent the canned goods industry in the territory to cease production.

The president of the unit, Arturo Moreira Ramos, explains that they planted tomato seeds in February, which may be catalogued as a very risky action since it was too late to do it, but they still harvest top quality tomatoes.

These initiatives ratify Mártires de Barbados Basic Unit for Cooperative Production as the third agrarian pole in Cienfuegos province.

By the end of 2010 they intend to harvest 175 tons in tubers, grains and vegetables. Only in terms of beans, so far this year, they have collected 25 tons to substitute imports.

Varieties in crops, combination of long and short cycles for better progress in soils, are some of the strengths of this unit. Now, the relocation of the labor force in 5 farms integrates to the actions taken, a modality that fosters motivation and workers to the labors.

Miguel de Armas Jáuregui is one of the five farm Chiefs and he assures that his share is already making profits, since after the bean and papaya harvests financial payments will reach 1 500 pesos per worker, and now they intend to recover some lands covered with marabou to make them productive.

Soon, the president of the unit will be able to share his experiences with producers from all over the country, during the ANAP Ninth Congress; he will explain the way in which his unit works and self- supplies of food, and he will surely bring new knowledge to enrich the lands and people of Arimao.

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