Innovator from Cienfuegos elaborates home- made sweets with a peculiar origin

Innovator from Cienfuegos elaborates home- made sweets with a peculiar originHow many times have you been willing to prepare a home-made sweet and due to lack of fruit or any other production have been forced to desist? Meet Cándida Rosa Román and maybe her original pastry techniques will be a solution for your problem.

The creativity of this woman from Cienfuegos was born when she discovered the blackberry; a European plant easily cultivated in our country and yet is little known in Cuba. “There was a bush by the road and I got interested in it because it was always full of fruits; the owner told me he used them to feed his chickens- then I told to myself: they are not poisonous, so I began preparing wines, syrups, nougats, marmalade and prunes. My recipes became so famous that people began calling me “Candita the Blackberry”.

But blackberries were just the beginning for Candita. One day, while peeling some vegetables new recipes arose.

“It was a pity to throw away vegetables skins and since I didn´t have any fruit to make a sweet of I began using potato skins, the I used pumpkin´s; later on I added sweet potato´s and then I used papaya trunks. Eventually I waste nothing. The nougats, marmalades and quinces that can be obtained are wonderful. When I present them in a competition, people eat them all”, tells us Candita.

Time is never enough for this 78 year old retired woman. She lives quite near to Rancho Luna Beach and yet she produces a lot of crops in her backyard and she is a constant plant world researcher.

“My children are always looking for the books I ask them. I know the properties of every crop. I learned that it is precisely in the skins where vitamins are that is why I use the water in which I boil them, so they do not lose any property”- explains this grandma.

Candita is a member of the National Association for Innovators and Rationalizers (Spanish acronym ANIR) since 2000 and she has been awarded both in provincial and national events. Undoubtedly you are wondering whether these weird sweets taste good, well actually they do, you just need to visit Candita to try them.

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