Jesús Delfín Benítez: an inspiration for Cruces farming sector

Jesús Delfín Benítez: an inspiration for Cruces farming sectorJesús Delfín Benítez has carried out the labors both as a teacher and as a farmer for over 40 years. Intimately attached to both, he is currently teaching the advantages of agro- ecology and he does so from the two hectares acquired as usufruct, land totally infested with marabou that today shows fruitful changes.

“I have here bananas, yucca, and sweet potatoes. I never lack vegetables. I also grow rice and a variety of fruits.  I also use nearly a hectare to animal food because I have livestock module. When I see that I lack some kind of food I don´t blame the ones that supply the stands. I blame myself for not being capable of growing it in my own lands”, explains Benítez.

Everything he has comes from daily hard work in the fields and a practice that is both useful and wise: recycling harvest leftovers as food for livestock.

“It is so in the case of okra. When the harvest of this vegetable reaches its top we use this mass to feed cows, lambs, goats and the different kinds of birds we have. And we do the same with all harvests. Nothing is wasted in this farm, not even manure, since from it I produce humus that guarantees the fertility of the production fields”, explains this proud farmer from Cruces municipality.

The joy of Benitez and his family is completed by knowing that producing food is a national security task for our country now- a- days.  A pride they share with over 350 farmers from this municipality in Cienfuegos province, motivated by the recent passing of the suburban agriculture project act.

“We already have in this municipality around 76 farms inserted in this project and other 27 are in the process. The challenge is to enclose over 9 000 unproductive hectares around our villages before 2015. Now our priority is to prepare all these farmers so that they obtain completely ecological productions”, comments the Sub delegate of Agriculture, Jesús Negrín.

Meanwhile, the Benítez farm rises as a sample of what can be done, when human endeavor emerges as the greatest harvest.

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