Kfe Mezclado with national scent in Cienfuegos

Kfe Mezclado with national scent in CienfuegosThe Cienfuegos band Kfe Mezclado (Mixed Coffee) celebrated its first anniversary with the presentation of the CD “De Cuba traigo yo aquí” (From Cuba I bring with me…) in their venue “Borrón y cuenta nueva” (Let bygones be bygones) at Tomás Terry Theater Café in Cienfuegos city.

The discography production is the result of a whole year of work, and it will undoubtedly mark the beginning of a successful musical career. “El cubo de Juana” (Juana´s bucket), “Me dieron la clave” (I was given the key) and “Guaguanco” are included among the thirteen tracks of the CD, recorded during a live concert at Tomás Terry Theater.

“La Guajirita” (The young farmer girl) by Daleivys Solís was the song selected for the promotional video clip from filmmaker José Miguel Mena, also presented fitting the anniversary.

This young band that inherited the best Cuban musical expressions includes in its format elements from the traditional septetos (bands formed by 7 musicians) and it also introduces other sonorities.

The lute from Cuban country music, magnificently played by Carlos Núñez, the flute, the twelve- stringed guitar and a wide variety in the percussion set provide a new air to the work of these new style young Cuban Son musicians.

The band is working on the basis of a well- thought repertoire, digging into the essence of Cuban musical tradition: son, guaracha, guajira and bolero are blended with contemporary rhythms; there it lays the success they have had since their very first presentations.

As authentic as the custom to drink it, Kfé Mezclado emits a national scent, which essence oxygenates the panorama of traditional music they defend.

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