Lembranza and Cienfuegos Performing Arts Center present play at Tomás Terry Theater

Cienfuegos Performing Arts Center present play at Tomás Terry Theater ” src=”images/stories/cultura/danzas-esp-lembranza.jpg” alt=”Lembranza and Cienfuegos Performing Arts Center present play at Tomás Terry Theater ” width=”250″ height=”167″ />Hispanic dances and critic Cuban theater, vigilant of the complex social conflicts, all conceived by artists from Cienfuegos, will concur this week in the proposal designed by Tomás Terry Theater for the attending audience with the presentation of Lembranza Hispanic Dances Company and Cienfuegos Performing Arts Center, performing for the first time the play Carnicería (Slaughter).

On Wednesday January 26th at 9:00 pm this project of instrumental and dancing formation created in 1996 and directed by dancer and Professor Nelvys González, will offer a new show fitting the 15th anniversary of its foundation.

Under Generoso González´s general and artistic direction, based on a text by playwright from Matanzas Ulises Rodríguez Febles, the Performing Arts Center will return to the Terry´s stage on Friday Jaunary 28th, Saturday 29th at 9:00 pm and Sunday 30th at 5:00 pm, by playing sharp keys within the Cuban social evolution in Carnicería, starred among others by Julio Medina, Caridad Macías, Maritza Gutiérrez, Beatriz Sarduy, Miguel, Lázaro and Wendy Pérez.

Rodríguez Febles´ work results recurrent in national history topics with plays such as Huevos (Eggs), El concierto (The concert), Sputnik and Béisbol (Baseball), Carnicería deals with the ethical conflict between need and integrity that strikes the humble life of a village teacher after the “accidental” death of a cow under a train, golden chance of supplying with meat the empty larders of the community.

Abiding the law or attending his family´s hunger become the converging trails in this man´s moral predicament in which the hesitant character lies, in the middle of the thorough bustle of his fellows during the processing, not precisely forensic, of the still warm dead body.

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