Local solutions keep the urban transportation service in Cienfuegos

omnibus-urbanos-cubaSo far this year the public transportation service in Cienfuegos city has moved almost 5 million people. Drivers and mechanics keep their units working by applying everyday innovations, despite the lack and shortage of spare parts.

This type of service demands stability. In the stops, delays cause dissatisfaction in the people, already used to a 20- 25 minutes wait between one bus and the coming one. According to statistics from the Transportation Provincial Directorate, up to this moment the service benefits 23 000 people a day.

But in the city, quite a few wonder how these means of transportation can still be in service without spare parts.

The Technical Chief of the Urban Bus Base in the territory, Luis Sarría, assures that his staff generates nearly 7 solutions a day, from simple repair works to more difficult ones.

“The main example of this is the adaptation of brake fluid systems to clutch air pumps that keep functioning DAEWOO buses; this is one of the innovations showing better results in practice”, assures Sarría.

Over a year after the arrival of the first ten units to this city, due to the government effort to strengthen the service in the country, a new impulse will elongate the useful life of these expensive means.

Manager Lázaro Carranza explains that they recently received a stock of spare parts and three engines to substitute buses long out of order in the last semester. “We were told we would receive three other engines before the end of 2010, which would increase our stock and contribute to a greater guarantee of stability in the service”, stated the official.

However, despite the applied and future technological improvements, another danger threatens these buses in their daily roll. Evelio López, driver for over 10 years, refers to social indiscipline committed by indolent citizens that attempt against the technical condition of the units.

“There are people that board the bus through the Windows, breaking the glasses, then when you complain no one supports you; the population must be more active in the struggle against these negative behaviors”, comments Evelio.

Every Yutong bus costed 90 000 dollars to the country; 60 000 the DAEWOO ones, in the opinion of several drivers their care cannot be left to spontaneity due to the diversity of the social stratus of our society.

So, better coordination between law enforcement and citizen awareness devoted to taking care what gives us an important service would make that the labor of mechanics, innovators and drivers be rewarded, and that the wait in the bus stops do not extent.

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