Los Elementos Theater Company celebrates its two decades with photographic exposition

Los Elementos Theater Company celebrates its two decades with photographic expositionAs “a kind of party in which everybody dances; a kind of parade in which everybody pilgrims”- according to José Oriol González, Director of Los Elementos Theater Company- this group presents in a just inaugurated exposition in Cienfuegos.

The sample, fitting the 20th anniversary of the group, includes over 20 photographs which depict the countless works performed by these artists: Inmigrantes (Immigrants) (1998), Las monjitas (The Nuns) (2005) and others. The facility belonging to “Yolanda Perdiguer” Documentary Center at “Tomás Terry” Theater also hosts until next February 8th five sculptures representing the awards obtained by this group which has as venue El Jobero cultural community, in Cumanayagua municipality.

The southern audience has the possibility of valuing photographs referred to the biannual event for Mountain Theater. In an interactive way the people can remember or know about the Performance Award given to actor Osmel Pontilla by the monologue Malcom X and the Great Award due to Community Labor (2204) to the Minas I Project.

The activity program conceived to celebrate the January 28th, 1991 date will also include a workshop with natural cultural promoters and the Noblemen´s Great Night, this Friday at Casa del Prado in Cumanayagua municipality.

Miguel Cañellas Sueiras, playwright and director at “Tomás Terry” Theater, considers regarding Los Elementos Theater Company: “… their arrival here stroke the theater movement in those moments. And they still do! When the term community is sometimes related to bad things, to anything that doesn´t work out, they took into account the important part of it, the transcendental element within it”.

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