Maintenance and conservation labors carried out in Cienfuegos historical downtown

Maintenance and conservation labors carried out in Cienfuegos historical downtownJuly 2005 marked the lives of Cienfuegos inhabitants. After the impact of hurricane Dennis, the city´s downtown was awarded as Cultural Heritage of Mankind. Today, a hurricane of men works on its rehabilitation.

The work is intense. Nearly 130 workers labor in the western area of the city´s downtown, which had not been favored with restoration works. But will stepped forward and the efforts to revitalize this city area are noticeable, witness of the railroad, economic and harbor development in the south- central part of Cuba.

“Over 700 houses are being rebuilt, nearly 25 work placements; the engine museum is to be inaugurated, in which engines that were used in the 10th century by the sugar industry in this territory are shown. The Aqueduct and Sewer Enterprise ahs worked on the pluvial solutions, since this area due to its deterioration characterizes by constant floods. Illumination and exterior areas are enhanced and the fronts of the houses are being painted” explains Irán Millán, director of the Office of Cienfuegos City´s Curator.

Around 16 crescents will benefit from these labors, which turn into reasons for joy among the people.

“I am so happy that I feel like crying; think of this, I am already 91 years old, seeing the room where I raised my 7 children rebuilt is a motive for great satisfaction”, tells us deeply moved Dolores García, neighbor from El Ballao citadel, a place that will be completely rebuilt.

“Now everyone is happy because we see that the place where we live in holds a pleasant image. This is a party to all of us. And I am sure that when everything is done we will have a big celebration”- comments Cándida Rodríguez, president of one of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (Spanish CDR) of the area.

The dream came true by the sponsoring of the Office of Cienfuegos City´s Curator and the support of construction brigades from the government. The population also contributes.

“We come here early in the morning and we help in everything we can. We mix concrete, carry water and offer attention to the masons”- explains Digoberto Díaz, neighbor of the area.

The city intends to show a rejuvenated face next July 15th, the day in which Cienfuegos name was included in the list of World Patrimony.

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