Mateo Torriente is remembered in Cienfuegos

Mateo Torriente is remembered in CienfuegosAlong the Cienfuegos city Boulevard are exhibited works from seven artists who tribute homage to Mateo Torriente Bécquer in the centennial of this artist´s birth. Torriente was a painter and a sculptor who integrated last century´s vanguard.

The exposition gathers creations from Néstor Vega, Juan García, Frank Iraola, Rafael Cáceres, Julián Espinosa and José Basulto, all of them with over three decades of artistic labor in this city.

As part of the commemoration, lectures were delivered in the Provincial Museum and it was opened a transitory expo showing some of Mateo Torriente´s works.

The artist was born on September 20th, 1910 in Palmira municipality and later his family moved to Cienfuegos. He studied at San Alejandro School for Fine Arts in which classrooms he received an academic formation that marked the first stage of his work (1936 -1938).

Then it came the most prolific period of creation, characterized by the search of identity signs. In this lapse there occurred an assessment of the use of public spaces to place his work.

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