Mermaid enigmas in Cienfuegos´ arts

Mermaid enigmas in Cienfuegos´ artsVladimir Rodríguez, outstanding expressive artist from Cienfuegos, received one of the four titles given on an equal basis in the just awarded 5 de Septiembre Showroom.

The artist, trained in the art of installation sculpture, has profiled his work for more then two decades, through a peculiar discourse, questioning the human essence.

Disquieting searching in the historical process of development associated to the limits, the relationships of power and manipulation underlay his poetic myth, which has in “Sirena” (English “Mermaid”), from his series Bestiario Particular (English Private Beast Collection) his most recent work.

The work, enigmatic as siren songs that take us to a dream place, discourses on the intended ideal, even despite pain, contrasting in a somewhat ambiguous tone both, the ephemeral and eternal path of time. “This work has certain relation with “Empaque 52”, assures the artist. The latter showed intentions and limits and, “Sirena” has to do exactly with the consequences of pretensions.”

It reflects among other things the perishable character of the things we intend; the beginning and end of things. In this sense the piece of work transformed daily, losing fragments of what it primarily was, turning into a curl on the sand, an exercise to face pain. As days go by it disappears and only remains the sand (symbol of the eternal and profuse) the print of what it once was, also alluding our presence as species.

“Sirena”, awarded with the Jury Award, was accredited by specialists from La Habana Curators Office, who offered the possibility of exposing it in one of their galleries. Ruby Rodríguez, president of the Provincial Council of Expressive Arts, pointed out that the act of summoning important personalities of this manifestation in Cuba, made up for the absence of money prizes; an alternative that could be more attractive than money, since the event was attended by Genesis Agency specialists, their representatives from Diago Gallery, the Director of Guayasamín Museum, La Habana Curators Office, and this constitutes a chance for promoting the work of these artists.

We are satisfied and the spirit in the city has been great. Echoes from the Showroom can still be heard; its net for exposition facilities will remain open until next October 4th. This is a good motive to keep working, she stressed.

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