Milk production in Cienfuegos exceeds 1 million liters

Milk production in Cienfuegos exceeds 1 million litersLa Sierrita Cattle Enterprise, in Cienfuegos, produced 1 million 500 liters of milk; with this fact it surpassed the plan of the year by two months of anticipation.

In the previous months the enterprise changed the production strategies and they devoted to reproduction in order to have a larger amount of cows in milking disposition, so that from 3 liters of milk per animal they now reach almost seven.

Dalexis Hernández Hernández, Director of La Sierrita, explained to AIN that by the end of last year they had more than half of the cows in gestation process so the enterprise completed an amount of 5 370 animals for the cow milk contribution.

The Director added that the cattle plans were favored by the labor made to accomplish the feeding adequacy in a considerable number of units by using sugar cane and fodder and as for the coming year they are supposed to self supply themselves regarding forage in the whole enterprise.

Located in the so-called South Circuit of Cienfuegos, La Sierrita provides with its production the cellars from San Antón to , south border to Trinidad.

A little nearer, at El Castillo Basic Unit for Cooperative Production (spanish UBPC) appertaining to the same enterprise, it is considered that the creation of work groups having a greater incidence on the cattle mass positively influenced the current recovery.

Heriberto Bárzaga Medina, Director of this UBPC, expressed that the new prices for milk benefit both, the stock-breeders and the government, since it is not necessary to import such product.

La Sierrita Cattle Enterprise was founded on December 15th 1976 and a decade later it set its own record in milk production: 8 million liters.

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