Minister of Education described the just finished school course as intense

Minister of Education described the just finished school course as intenseEna Elsa Velázquez Cobiella, Minister of Education in Cuba, described the just finished 2009- 2010 school course as an intense one, flavored by several transformations in this sector.

During the provincial closing meeting of this sector in Cienfuegos, the official outstood the commitment of teachers and professors, who ratified that the enhancement of the educational system is actually possible.

The Minister also added that in this school year the need of reinforcing the methodological labor, teachers´ preparation and meeting labor force requirements was proved as imperative, as well as that of creating greater production awareness and strengthening the evaluation system.

This year the continuity of studies was analyzed throughout the country for youngsters who finished ninth grade, taking into account the labor force required in each territory, stated Velázquez Cobiella.

She also claimed that next course will be decisive for the future of the technical education, and that to the extent it gets better results, it will gain acceptance of parents and students.

She explained that the amounts of technician and qualified workers are lower than the ones demanded by a nation made of men and women eminently hard working, from it the need of enhancing their preparation.

The official also summoned towards the struggle against illegalities and insisted on the need of saving resources from its impact on giving them a rationalized use.

During the period 2010-2011 the preparation of the teaching staff must be prioritized as well as individual and collective endeavor, hard working spirit and a greater economic culture, not to mention the strengthening of ideas and concepts from the revolutionary pedagogy, concluded the Minister of Education.

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