Modern machinery for Petro chemical pole expansion arrives in Cienfuegos

Modern machinery for Petro chemical pole expansion arrives in CienfuegosThe stock containing about 70 ultimate technology pieces of equipment arrived from China to Havana City Harbor and from there it was transported by railroad to the southern territory. It is a valuable purchase financed by the Project of the Bolivarian Alternative for Latin America (Spanish acronym ALBA) which has as objective to impulse the different works devoted to the expansion of “Camilo Cienfuegos” Oil Refinery.

According to vice director of mechanization of the Building Enterprise for Architecture Works # 37 (Spanish acronym ECOA # 37), Antonio Enrique Pérez, among the equipment arrived to Cienfuegos are bulldozers, plow trucks, diggers, cement mixers, dump trucks and compacters. “Most of them have computer systems and their engines are quite powerful. They are really what we need to carry out all the actions planned for the expansion of the oil refinery”, assured the official from the delegation of the Ministry of Construction (Spanish acronym MICONS) in the province.

In these moments, in area 2 of the southern harbor, workers from different entities of MICONS in Cienfuegos are carrying out the difficult and risky offloading operations of the modern machinery.

“This is just the beginning. Next month another shipment will arrive, specifically transportation and craning machinery. This way the stock of construction means required for this ambitious project of expansion of the oil refinery in Cienfuegos”, stated Enrique Pérez.

Now, operators of the Brigade of Land Drift wait for Chinese advisory. They will receive technical preparation to acquire efficiency in the use and handling of this modern technology.

Everything is to be ready in September to begin the exploitation of this valuable stock of equipment. This machinery will undoubtedly help to make true the ALBA dream.

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