Most modern commercializing enterprise for medicine in the country extended in Cienfuegos

Most modern commercializing enterprise for medicine in the country extended in CienfuegosAlthough still unfinished, Cienfuegos commercializing enterprise for medicine is, now days, one of the most modern facilities of its kind in the country.

The labors enter their second construction stage; the deposit for storing over 90 000 liters of alcohol is being erected while the foundation columns of the fourth medication warehouse harden up.

The first three, already in use, store over 400 tons of medicine, raw material, medical supplies, aseptic elements, vaccines and dentistry supplies that are distributed through the drugstores net and healthcare facilities in the province. This new infrastructure offers greater security on the products and more agile work for the staff.

“With these facilities we grew in over 25% considering the area we occupied before; now we have optimal conditions to store the products according to quality standards established in Cuba, I´m referring specifically to shelving disposition, space between them  and we also have the means: every worker has the required equipment for their safety, we have devices for the transportation and handling of medicines inside the warehouse without compromising their quality”, comments Isabel López Silva, director of the entity.

This way, the adjective up to date is added as a distinctive feature to another one already held in this entity: efficiency. Agility in the territorial distribution is complemented here with an interprovincial emergency system. Isabel explains that when a given medication is scarce and it is required by a patient for recovery or salvation “we have a national database through which we track the province of the country that has the medicine and through a service from ASTRO Bus Transportation Enterprise, in coordination with our command post activated 24/7, we have a 4 hour response capacity for the search in the central and western regions of the country and 12 hours for the eastern region”.

Soon, the storage capacity will increase to over 600 tons, by the end of the second construction stage.

This investment is valued in over 4 million pesos, in which the efforts of the national government to guarantee this highly sensitive service to the population are evidenced.

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