New airs in Sports Initiation School in Cienfuegos

New airs in Sports Initiation School in CienfuegosThe expected school course started in Cienfuegos province and along with it came new airs for the sports teaching system, immerse in a reordering process that seeks as priority the top quality in the registration and better results, a most for the current times.

The Sports Initiation School (Spanish acronym EIDE) in Cienfuegos reopened its classrooms, now with the incentive of constituting the main sports school in the territory.  Well behind were left long months of studies, revision, re- structuring, moving, and analyses in order to conform a staff worthy of the interests of the province and the country.

In conversations with Daysi Dorticós, vice- principal of Sports Activities in the facility, we were told that as a whole the official registration of EIDE was formed by 800 students- athletes, representing 29 sports disciplines. Unfortunately, some sports were left behind such as basketball, handball, field hockey and figure skating, which will depend only on the work in the basic levels to develop.

The teaching staff is complete, while the study materials and the rest of logistic elements are guaranteed to start the school course. 125 trainers hold the task of leading the athletes, which will begin practicing aiming to re conquering the sixth place obtained in the School Games, lost in the last version of the competition when Cienfuegos ended 8th in the country.

“We had a change in structure, according to the instructions from the National Seminar for the Preparation of School Course 2010- 2011- points out Daisy. Now we work as sports groups, which were formed according to the intended objectives.”

From no won there are 5 groups, led by the ones that constitute strategic sports. Group I is integrated by Boxing, Baseball, Wrestling, Judo, Taekwondo and Volleyball, while Group II is formed by Athletics, Canoeing, Cycling, Weightlifting and Target Shooting.

A third group responds to Pan American disciplines (Rowing, Fencing and Karate) and prioritized ones (Synchronized Swimming, Swimming, Artistic Gymnastics, Rhythmic Gymnastics and Chess), while a fourth group includes the so called show sports (Soccer and Water Polo) and a fifth includes Archery, Badminton, Speed Skating, Pentathlon, Pelota, Table Tennis and Tennis, modalities in development.

“The challenges are huge and we are fully aware of that- affirms the vice- principal- but we managed that all unify their interests for the sake of a common objective: to step forward as we used to do. It is true that at the beginning there was certain rejection towards the changes. We had to work hard and talk once again with the trainers and specialists. In the end we are united and we know we face the new school course with a quite capable technical staff. I have no doubt; the intended goals will come true”.

EIDE Jorge Agostini hosts in its classrooms students from elementary school (5th and 6th grade), Junior High School and Senior High School.

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