New clinic in Cienfuegos prevents prematurity and low weight in newborn infants

New clinic in Cienfuegos prevents prematurity and low weight in newborn infantsCienfuegos province achieved a 3.4 mortality rate in newborn infants, the lowest in its history. This constitutes a challenge for those who devote to this labor and were at a disadvantage regarding this parameter in 2009 considering the rest of the country. Among the new actions to be taken for this year, two months ago it was opened in the main municipality a clinic to prevent low weight in newborns. Over 230 births were reported by the end of the current year, in which the main cause was prematurity that reaches 57%.

The work of the Neonatology service, which worked on the differentiated attention and care to these children, has been vital, achieving survival at 80% also in newborns that did not reach 1500 grams of weight. It became essential low weight stratification in every municipality and the actions taken on the pregnant women in the territory, assured Lisbel Aguiar, Director of the Mother- Infant Attention Program in the province. To achieve this, specialized help and monitoring of pregnant women showing prematurity risk and other factors associated to pregnancy by a multidisciplinary team manages continuous actions.

Since two months ago this Prevention Clinic accomplishes the diagnosis and monitoring processes in extreme ages pregnant women, who constitute obstetric risk due to diverse causes; it was confirmed so by MD Ana Beatriz Abreus, First Degree Obstetrician Specialist, who commented on the existence of other cases that require admission to compensate complex health situations. As for now, the institution will expand its capacity in ten beds and will also apply other work strategies that include the attention to specific biological and social factors that put into risk the adequate development of the fetus and the life of the mother.


Starting with medical monitoring carried out by the Clinic and continuing with the work of those in charge of Primary Health Care, it is a challenge achieving successful births, adding the commitment of the families to support this process, pointed out MD Rosa Chacón, Director of the Clinic.

According to specialists from Cienfuegos over 70% of the pregnant women were smokers and in some cases they suffered anemia prior to pregnancy. An alert on the elevated incidence of low weight associated to prematurity, which reaches 5.6% here up to the current stage in 2010.


That is why the Cuban experience started in Holguín satisfies the Cienfuegos population. Beyond a clinic that prevents low weight in newborn infants, this facility will become scientific reference in terms of obstetrics in the territory.

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