New greenhouse designed for Cuban tropical climate finished in Cienfuegos

New greenhouse designed for Cuban tropical climate finished in Cienfuegos In the Sheltered Crop Houses of “Arimao” Citric Enterprise, located in Cumanayagua, it is been concluded the construction of a tropical type greenhouse with enhanced special characteristics for its installation in Cuban territory designed by Turbas y Coco Mar Menor S.L. from Spain.

This technology is new in Cuba, since the formerly used structures pursue projects elaborated for other countries; however, for this greenhouse agents and features inherent to the installation area were taken into consideration such as illumination, winds, temperatures and it also has an anti-hurricane system, stated engineer Víctor Moreno Placeres, Head Specialist on Sheltered Crops of the enterprise.

We also put into practice different procedures for the crop of fruit vegetables since in one of the greenhouse sections the plants will grow in plastic containers filled with coconut substrate and in the remaining space we will apply pure hydrophony, confirmed Moreno Placeres.

In the latter technique the plants are covered meet their hydric demands with a nutritional solution that will be supplied through bare-root irrigation in short, frequent sprinkles along the day. Soluble fertilizers for fertile watering will be used in the solution, which will be apt for dripping irrigation.

The application of both methods reduces the cost of production since chemical products for pest disinfection can be disregarded and it saves the time used in soil preparation.

Within the first days of November we intend to initiate the transplant of postures in the new house; it will be indispensable to conclude the civil and conditioning stage of the facilities in the present week; we count for it with the assessment of the Projects Enterprise; next we will begin the testing stage, stated engineer Madelín Rodríguez Barrera, specialist of “Arimao” Citric Enterprise.

In this area of Sheltered Crop Houses, located in the southeastern part of Cienfuegos province, selected products are harvested for tourism with a rate of 83 tons per hectare; one of the houses even gets 100 tons in the same area for which it is considered as the one having the best results in its kind in the country during the current year.

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