Oleohidráulica Enterprise in Cienfuegos augurs 2011 as the best year in its history

Oleohidráulica Enterprise in Cienfuegos augurs 2011 as the best year in its historyIn its workshops are now made parts and components that will guarantee the sugar cane harvest in the three mills within Cienfuegos province as well as those for tractors and other equipment in the rest of the country.

Oleohidráulica Cienfuegos, leader in the national market in the production and repair of cylinders and hoses for hydraulic systems, diversified its productions which now go beyond iron and steel industry reaching the construction and, sugar, tourism and the basic industry.

Known as the oldest factory in Cienfuegos (it was inaugurated in October 1964 by Ernesto Che Guevara), uses machinery and technological equipment to guarantee the spare parts for the Basic Industry such as the hydraulic mechanism for the baskets used to repair power lines.

“We have repaired valves which are essential in the sewer and aqueduct service. That is the case of bronze mechanisms worn away due to continuous use that has been successfully changed by a solid rubber that enables hermetic turn off avoiding dripping. This work has been taken even to Camaguey province”, assures Mario Bagattín, founding worker of the factory.

Bolts for oil rigs formerly imported are now produced in these workshops, in which this year they have repaired brakes, hydraulic jacks and cranes for different institutions all over the country.

Oleohidráulica, one in its kind within the Cuban iron and steel industry, offers its technical services in the repair works of the so called cinderblock “laying” machines essential for the production of these elements; it also repairs the tables used for the surgery services at “” University Hospital and presented new equipment to the market such as workshop presses.

“We took advantage of the experience of our personnel, many of which having over thirty years in these labors, to diversify productions that save financial resources to the country, by substituting imports”- assures Amado Isaac de Armas, General Director -, “we became essential as national suppliers since we are able of providing everything necessary concerning hydraulics, even technical consultancy and we are the only ones in Cuba producing and enhancing mechanical cylinders”.

Versatility constitutes another strength of this old industry. Since a year ago they take steps in plastic carpentry- PVC- through which they assume the remodeling of public health institutions and contracts in hotel facilities as well as the buildings in the University of Informatics Science in the capital of the country.

Year 2011 augurs Oleohidráulica the best year of its history: it will assume the whole national market for cylinders and hoses, formerly imported, including the responsibility of recovering Havana City´s buses for public transportation, for which they will have to produce 24 000 of these conducts and maintain the supply and repairing of the equipment devoted to building, tourism and the Basic and Sugar Industries.

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