Open sales of construction materials consolidates in Cienfuegos

venta-materiales-construccion1In Cienfuegos city, as in all municipalities in the territory, there is a facility in which the population can by a series of construction materials.

This service, which started in Cienfuegos nearly 6 months ago, can be accessed without any legal special authorization. Buyers can purchase what they need without any kind of restrictions regarding the amount, although they are suppossed to take with them the means of transportation to carry the materials away.

According to Hugo Vial, Vice- Director For Investments And Development in the provincial sector for Commerce, supplies are guaranteed through a self- financed program to which contribute the Construction Materials Industry, Varied Productions (spanish acronym PROVARI) from Homeland Security (spanish acronym MININT) and the Enterprise for Construction and Maintenance of the People´s Power, as well as some other local enterprises.

“Among the main products we sell are 10´- 15´ cinderblocks, enhanced and non- enhanced sand, lattices, hexagons, small and large poles, small and double sinks. The local industries supply pipes, iron pieces, 30 varieties of plastic products, hydraulics, sanitary, wooden and electrical components. We also offer aluminum and wood carpentry. The sale of cement and steel bars has not been approved yet”, specified Oriol Quiñones, manager of the facility in Cienfuegos municipality.

Up to October 6th, according to Hugo Vial “… we have sold 76 000 cinderblocks, 277 cubic meters of sand, around 90 of stone and 1 431 in gravel, which along with the rest of the sales made an income of 441 900 pesos, 40% of the sales in the province”.

While refering to the prices of the materials he explained that those are set considering the cost of production, all approved by the Ministry of Finances and Prices. For example, cinderblocks cost from 5.00 to 11.00 pesos; a cubic meter of gravel is 200 pesos, and one of sand, 160.

This program that joins several state entities currently has greater organization. The production and sale processes are in better conditions to sustain the investments.

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