Opening in Cienfuegos of Ernesto González Puig´s “Abstractions” exposition

Opening in Cienfuegos of Ernesto González Puig´s "Abstractions" expositionOver 15 drawings made by artist Ernesto González Puig (1912-1988) from the 30´s to the 50´s integrate “Abstractions” exposition, assembled at Mateo Torriente showroom in UNEAC southern venue alongside October.

Art critic and historian José Veigas Zamora, in his words for the dossier, stated: «Always away from popularity in his “academic retire” in Santa Clara (1952-1961); his absence from groups and personal expositions made Puig one of the greatest and yet most unnoticed artists by the history of Cuban art».

Although his art was highly valued by Samuel Feijóo in Islas and Signos magazines, this exponent of abstraction and surrealism was mistreated by criticism and considered as one of the “minor masters” or second hand artist.

«The incredible surprise occurred in 1987, (a year before his decease) when the National Museum decided to organize a personal exposition unknown Puig, using works donated by this artist».

In the Cienfuegos exposition (courtesy of Italian collector Claudio Marinelli) prevail Works from the artist´s abstract stage, who was also a professor at La Habana University College.

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