Pedagogical School opens in Cienfuegos this year

escuela-pedagogica-cfgThe experience of pedagogical schools is being retaken in our country. In Cienfuegos, over 400 graduates from 9th grade registered this type of school, in which everything is being prepared these days for the beginning of the school course.

The facility that was used until the past academic year as Art Instructors School in Cienfuegos will now open as Pedagogical School this year.

The Provincial Director of Education in Cienfuegos, José Antonio del Pino, assures that the formation of this school integrates vocational formation and professional teaching practice, through which the students without distinction, will get to the schools to prepare as future teachers.

In the facility, activity rebirths. The staffs had to rigorously plan their time in the days prior to the beginning of the school year. On one side, the setting of schedules and the methodological self- preparation; on the other, moving furniture constantly to turn former dorms into classrooms; repair works on masonry; they get ready for new endeavors.

“We are working intensely in the formation of the school´s teaching staff, even advisors from the Ministry of Education; and I can assure you we have the best professionals in the province”, states Arturo Apesteguía, Principal of the new Pedagogical School. Over 400 graduates from 9th grade registered this modality. Here will be trained primary school teachers and day care centers educators, both specialties at medium level and with possibilities to take a bachelor´s degree after 4 years of intensive preparation.

Apesteguía stresses that they are going to work “rigorously”, insisting on the idea on “… the formation of the primary school teachers and educators that Cienfuegos province needs”.

The experience of the pedagogical schools that is being retaken in the country seeks the formation of a highly qualified professional, capable of truly molding the country.

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