Physical preparation: main weapon of the Elephants

Physical preparation: main weapon of the ElephantsPhysical preparation influenced to a great extent the final result obtained by the Elephants in the past National Baseball Series. That is why they have fully started the training stage, in order to get to the next season in the best shape possible.

Rafael Ignacio Torres plays again the role of physical trainer, well- known by his novel techniques. Regarding the early beginning of the training stage, the specialist considers:

“We are eternal defenders of the continuity of sport training. At the end of our perform the Play Offs we planned the break time we considered pertinent and we decided to begin again from now, since we aim for bigger goals and we need to reinforce training. The loads will be superior in correspondence with the objectives planned for the stage”.

Logically, the aspirations of Cienfuegos people today are others, and optimism reigns within the direction staff.

“From the 48th to the 49th Series the leap was enormous, both in terms of quality and quantity. We cannot draw back; the challenge now is to surpass ourselves and we are already committed to the task. I was telling you that the willpower levels will grow, as well as the physical, technical and tactical components. You can be sure that what happened in the last season did not occur by chance. Cienfuegos will move on.”

Cienfuegos pre- selection is integrated by 50 players, among which outstand almost all who made the seventh place in the 49th National Series.

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