Potato sowing time in Cienfuegos to be initiated in the second half of November

Potato sowing time in Cienfuegos to be initiated in the second half of NovemberThis week the potato sowing time will start in the three enterprises devoted to this product in Cienfuegos. La Vega, in Rodas municipality, Juraguá and Horquitas in Abreus municipality are concluding their soil preparation to spread the seeds in their full extensions for this campaign intended up to December.

According to information from Engineer Rafael Gómez, specialist from the Ministry of Agriculture (spanish acronym MINAGRI) in the province, as it is a tradition the sowing will be focused on the soils of Horquita Varied Crops Enterprise, the biggest in Cienfuegos (88.5% of the land devoted to potato sowing) and the rest of the land will be equally divided in La Vega and Juraguá, using the best lands for this crop since those are ferralithic red soils having good grainage.

“As in the other campaigns we have already guaranteed 100% of the technological package resources, pesticides and fertilizers, imprescindible in this crop and paid by the Cuban government”, assured the official.

“Most of the seed to be used come from Canada and the Netherlands; the smallest proportion of land will be sowed using national seeds, specifically in and Matanzas provinces”, added the specialist.

Although for this harvest the extension of land devoted to this crop will be smaller, theMINAGRI in Cienfuegos will intend to obtain 100 000 tons, a number that equals las year´s when a larger extension of land was used, the biggest in the history of this product.

The unexpected rains in February 2009 spoiled a great deal of the sowed areas but, “… if we get lucky regarding the weather that is to say low temperatures and absence of rain, as it is right now, we should be able to make it”, stated the official from MINAGRI.

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