Program for Optician´s consulting rooms optimizes services

Program for Optician´s consulting rooms optimizes servicesThe Program for Optician´s consulting rooms faces a process of revitalization in Cienfuegos. The possibility of offering better services to the population is the aim of those specialists in the territory.

One of the most important things in this stage is saving chemicals by reusing them in several processes; by doing this the country saves over 4000 pesos.

Currently, the cutting of all kinds of lenses, both bifocals and monofocals are guaranteed and even the technical staff gets ready to take over other types, due to the deficit existing in the country, according to Clara Padilla, director of the Optician´s Provincial Center, who also emphasized the importance of a correct orientation to those people who disregard soft lenses resistant to gas, who should go to the Program´s provincial directorate in the Cienfuegos Boulevard where the main team will assess each case to provide those who need specialized attention.

Among the aspects that support the efficiency and quality of the product is the innovation work of electro medics, who are in charge of rehabilitating and repairing obsolete machinery, which receives stable technology only since a year ago.

This experience also gets prestige by the optician´s hospital, first of its kind in the country 5 years ago, when it was inaugurated by leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro Ruz. The facility located at Dr. Gustavo Aldereguía Provincial General Hospital treats over 900 patients a year.

In this way, a program that goes for using everything recoverable in all the entities of this system in the territory is complemented and impacts Cienfuegos people´ quality of life.

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