Projects of the Petro chemical Pole benefit Cienfuegos communities

Projects of the Petro chemical Pole benefit  Cienfuegos communitiesBenefits for public transportation, hygiene labors and works for the conservation of the city are results from the collaboration agreement CubaVenezuela for the creation in Cienfuegos of a petro- chemical pole, associated to the Oil Refinery reactivated in December 2007 as part of this cooperation.

We refer to works associated to the so called “Endogenous Project” (Spanish “Proyecto Endógeno”) which devotes 13 million dollars for social, urban, agricultural, transportation and road development of the city. Due to this conception, updated data provided by engineer Rolando Díaz, Cienfuegos governor, 10 new buses circulate through the habitual routes of the provincial capital and the community hygiene service also got supplies and will soon receive over 300 garbage collectors.

For the increase of suburban agricultural production, one of the objectives of the plan, the official informed that 12 sprinkling machines will be purchased. One of the kindnesses of this financing intended for the development of the communities and areas surrounding the chemical plants to be finished by 2014 is the restoration of Fortaleza “Nuestra Señora de los Angeles de Jagua“ Fortress, military construction built in 1745 during the Spanish dominion in Cuba, located at the entrance of the bay.

Likewise, the project improves the facilities and equipment of 5 de Septiembre Polytechnic School, in which there will be formed qualified workers to carry out the labors of the industry destined to oil distillation and the products derived from it through transformational chemistry processes.

The “Endogenous Project” includes a new road that will communicate Cienfuegos Oil Refinery to the National Highway and it will be finished by 2012 financed by PDVSA state enterprise.

The road will cost about 6.7 million dollars and will link this facility with the capital and other provinces throughout 19 kilometers, and whose labors have already begun.

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