Queen of repentismo in Cuba closed Cubadisco Event in Cienfuegos

Queen of repentismo in Cuba closed Cubadisco Event in CienfuegosThe longest Canturía in the world that has been carried out all over the country as a relay race concluded in Cienfuegos city in the voice of Tomasita Quiala, after 24 hour, when the poets passed their lutes to the Villa Clara neighboring province.

Bathed by the bay´s warm waters, “Los Pinitos” recreational facility, located in one of the most hospitable areas of the city, witnessed the “Canturía por la Patria” (a festival in which Cuban Folk Music is played and sung uninterruptedly), to which guest artists from Havana and Matanzas were invited.

The first of the ten poetic controversy duels was formed by Mariano López and Tuto García, the latter coming from Matanzas with a long tradition in folk music that enables his family to be considered as a Cucalambé Family.

This Creole heritage was also proved by the Figueredo family in Cienfuegos, present in the folk festivity. The very Arnaldo Figueredo matched Tomasita Quiala, the Queen of Repentismo in Cuba, in the most expected controversy of the day.

From Cuban repentismo´s genre and styles, the audience could appreciate authentic rivalry, probative of the best cultural heritage assimilated from the Canary Islands; from there the preference towards poetic forms such as 10-line stanzas and other autochthonous manifestations of Cuban folk music.

Efficacious manner of expressing native feelings, customs and traditions from a country in which the voices of the poets flow like a spring.

It was specially moving the moment in which poet Jorge Sosa challenged to an imaginary controversy late artist , known in Cuba as The King of Carvajal Tunes, a type of melody kind of sad and melancholic which characterized him.

For keeping alive our cultural legacy, the radio show “Luis´ Hour” (Spanish La hora de Luis), founded and currently directed by prestigious cultural personality Fabio Bosch, was acknowledged along with other cultural institutions that foster our most genunine traditions.

In the usual rendezvous of Kafe Mezclado Band, one of the alternative spaces of Tomas Terry Theater, took place the tribute prepared by the provincial directorate of Culture and the Provincial Center for Music Rafael Lay.

Among the artists who received the tribute were Kikiri de Cisnero, Lazaro Garcia and writers Mariano Ferrer and Jesus Fuentes Guerra, outstanding poet Alberto Vega Falcon, Cary Sanchez “La Calandria de Balboa”, Wilfredo Sacerio Cuban Folk Rendezvous which will soon turn 80 years, head staff from Tomas Terry Theater, a pillar in the territory, open for expanding the best cultural national and international values.

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