Railroad stock in Cienfuegos renews with acquisition of Chinese locomotives

Railroad stock in Cienfuegos renews with acquisition of Chinese locomotivesThe Basic Unit of Railroad Transportation Workshops in Cienfuegos province moved with the times by using 17 Chinese locomotives. New projects are conceived in this stock to make an efficient use of this technology.

By the middle of 2008 Cuba started receiving the first locomotives of a stock of 100 contracted with China, as part of a reorganization and recovery process concerning railroad transportation.

Last April, a new lot containing 9 locomotives of 1400 horsepower and  8 of 2500 was acquired in Cienfuegos.

The renovation of the provincial stock led to a new staff preparation as well as an investment plan to adjust the new production capacities.

“As far as this new technology has arrived, we have implemented our investments plan to adjust our production capacities, such as the installation of a test bank, brought from Santa Clara province and which is over 50 years old that has as function to correct the defects that the engines might present”, pointed out Leisandry Leonait, Director of the Unit.

He also explained that they intend to install a chemistry lab, since they currently depend on other workshops for the evaluation of oil and fuel tests, necessary for the exploitation of the locomotive; also a meteorology lab, for the locomotives´ electronic elements.

Intended for the transportation of people and cargo, the Asian equipment currently show a technical availability of 83%. Maintaining an efficient use of this modern technology is the responsibility of the staff in this Basic Unit.

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