Restoration labors in 65 crescents of high patrimonial value concluded in Cienfuegos

Restoration labors in 65 crescents of high patrimonial value concluded in CienfuegosJust like the one who provides make up to a lady, the restoration actions in the west area of Cienfuegos city downtown are concluded. This time the rehabilitation process covered the so called “Golden Crescents”, an area declared as Mankind´s Cultural Heritage by UNESCO, to Reina popular council.

The labors included 65 crescents, covering 13 300 meters of façades that include 1 400 houses, 43 citadels and over 100 facilities hosting enterprises.

“In order to achieve an integrated environmental enhancement in this area, quite deteriorated in terms of construction and which had not been restored for over 50 years, labors were conceived including painting street pavement, reforestation and street illumination”, pointed out Irán Millán Cuétara, City´s Curator.

This reanimation also comprised the inauguration of the Locomotive Museum, the rescuing of the old cargo terminal and some gastronomic facilities.

“Our first aim is that the inhabitants feel proud of the place they live in, specially in this perimeter that results to be the window of the city; the big living room that host all, the place we take our visitors to,” explained Millán Cuétara.

Several enterprises and institutions of the territory joined efforts to achieve the integrated enhancement of the area, starting with homogeneity in their actions.

“The Ministry of Agriculture (Spanish acronym MINAGRI), Aqueduct and Sewer Systems, the Electric Power Enterprise, Culture, the directorate for Heritage, the Curator´s Office and the Housing system were some of the entities that participated in this restoration. Nevertheless, the true leaders were the inhabitants of the area, acknowledged Millán Cuétara.

The all-in-all perspective gives back the splendor that characterized the city since the 19th century, now showing a more daring make up, fitting the nuances of these times.

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