Scientific proposal implemented in Cienfuegos Hospital

Scientific proposal implemented in Cienfuegos HospitalThe most recent research proposal from a group of nurses from Cienfuegos is being implemented at the Intensive Care Unit in General Hospital in this province.

In the ICU is being carried out a registration process that notifies the occurrence of incidents and adverse events during daily medical care. The document enables doctors and nurses not only to carry out timely analysis within the different clinical categories that may occur in critical patients, but also to check the actions to be taken. This constitutes one of the experiences implemented by the staff, whose applied investigation becomes the Specialty Paper in Intensive and Emergency Nursery for Yuliet Mora Pérez, along with her co- workers.

This is one of the topics in which debate was centered among the participants in the Third Congress of the Cuban Nursery Society, due to the accomplishments that this proposal offer in terms of quality of life for patients; a strategy to maximize care in the cases that require it according to the different health conditions of those being treated.

This is a sample of the endeavor of Cienfuegos professionals in terms of improving their daily work, who bear a deep humanist vocation, entitled to guarantee the patiens´safety.

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