Scientists bet on sustainable development in Cienfuegos

Scientists bet on sustainable development in CienfuegosThe peak of the petrochemical pole in the surroundings of Cienfuegos bay is today an inevitable step towards the country´s economic development. It brings about new hazards for the health of the ecosystem and thus it motivates science men and women to seek for solutions to environmental sustainability.

One of the future dangers is the increase of carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, to which scientists fro the Chemistry Faculty at Las Villas Central University and the Center for Environmental Studies in Cienfuegos join their efforts to find possible solutions.

The growth of red marine macro algae in the ponds surrounding the future industries stands as a solution to this problem. Therefore, the first scientific workshop devoted to this topic is being held, in which chemists and biologists will plan a future Research and Development Project between both institutions.

Marine macro algae absorb the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and they can be used in the industry for food production, fertilizers and agricultural products.

Using science to serve the country´s needs is the motto of institutions like the Center for Environmental Studies in Cienfuegos, to guarantee both, citizens and environment a truly sustainable development.

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