Sugar cane efficiency recovered in Cienfuegos province

plantaciones-canna-azucar-cfgIncreasing sugar cane efficiency is one of the priorities of the Sugar Enterprise Group. In Cienfuegos province, third in the country with higher growth this year, outstands the experience of the Viet Nam Basic Unit for Cooperative Production (Spanish acronym UBPC), located in the northern municipality of Aguada de Pasajeros.

After the cleaning process applied to the guardrails, plantations will be ready for harvest. One of the many requirements of the crop which enable at Viet Nam UBPC efficiency levels that surpass 54 tons of sugar cane per hectare, the highest in Cienfuegos province.

But these areas contrast with a great deal of the 28 000 hectares to be harvested this year in the territory. Right in adjacent fields weed invades the grooves of this crop.

Arnaldo Acosta, Director of the Sugar Enterprise Group (Spanish acronym GEA), explains that the low efficiency shown in the territory are mainly the result of difficulties concerning the strains and the thickness of the stems.

To revert these deficiencies, specialists from Viet Nam UBPC propose the use of the so called variety garden, an example of scientific experimentation with practical results.

“We trial here different varieties and we check which has greater adaptability to these types of soils, which have better strains and greater thickness in their stems; which are more resistant to pesticides and draught”, points out Emilio Morejón, who is Integral Technician in the unit.

However, the most important achievement in this UBPC lays on a working system that groups the workers in Integrated Brigades directly linked to payment by results.

Among the ones that labor cleaning the guardrails excels Aney Díaz, for being the only woman and also an outstanding worker, assure her co-workers. “I cut off the weed if I have to, I mow; if we have to sow or collect sugar cane after the cart I do it too”, assures Aney. “We have a working method through which if one of us does the job wrong, the other one points it out so the work has not to be done twice”.

The integrated technician adds that as part of his functions he must certify the quality of a certain labor; if it doesn’t meet the parameters it is not certified and thus not paid; and “… it must be done right”.

To this control mechanism adds an awareness that finds the necessary efficiency in the permanent economic analysis.

Osmel Villaroja, manager of Viet Nam UBPC, assures that in the MINAZ (Ministry of Sugar) everything is written; all to be done is studying more, “… and specially to keep an eye on everything that is produced because we cannot waste more than what we are capable of producing”. The official expressed his method: “… after every harvest a commission integrated by a group of officials and UBPC specialists analyzes every sown lot; we calculate an average in terms of production and from it we determine a budget. This budget includes all actions, attentions and resources required by the lot and we must be quite vigilant with how much we pay or we could get into the payment of salaries without production background”, he explained.

There is still a lot to learn for the workers and officials in Viet Nam UBPC, in a territory that averages only 28 tons of sugar per hectare.

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