SUMA Cuban technology guarantees greater health surveillance in Cienfuegos

SUMA Cuban technology guarantees greater health surveillance in CienfuegosThe Health Care Net in Cienfuegos receives the benefits of the Ultra Micro Analytical System (Spanish acronym SUMA), Cuban technology that guarantees greater sanitary monitoring in the province.

It consists on modern equipment supplied by the National center for Immune Trials, which enables the opportune diagnosis of diverse pathologies. Present in the full extent of the southern territory, SUMA technology colors the work done by the 11 Specialized Centers of Integrated Investigation (Spanish acronym CEPI), existent in the province since 2009.

Qualified personnel works on the management and use of this analytical sport, which offers greater coverage to the motherly- infant program, as well as on transmittable and non- transmittable diseases.

Thanks to the modern equipment the central- southern part of the country has reduced to 80% the levels of Viral Hepatitis; besides, nearly 8000 fast tests for HIV- AIDS were made.

Undoubtedly, SUMA is a type of technology leading to the enhancement of our health system and whose benefits impact quality of life of those living in our country.

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