Surimagen, open to cinematographic dialogue

Surimagen, open to cinematographic dialogueThe most recent productions of filmmakers from this central- southern region of the country will be shown during the first “Surimagen” Cinematographic Festival, a space that opens the dialogue and confrontation in the seek for a better audiovisual product.

The event will session from May 13th to 16th hosted by the Provincial Filmmaking Center, an institution that promoted in the middle 90´s the Image Carnival, of great performance until the first years of the present millennium.

“We are now trying to revitalize this event but with a different perspective; the idea is to promote the most representative Works within the audiovisual productions in this province; works of socio- cultural interest made on themes which are specific to the territory”, emphasized Jorge Luis Lanza, specialist from the Provincial Filmmaking Center.

“The Festival intends to involve all those artists from such complex and wide spectrum as the Cuban audiovisual product; it is about valuing all tendencies, different expressions, faces and ways to do things, since national films will be also played and we have special guests from the Seventh Art around the world invited.”

As for the awards “Cienfuegos within the audiovisual image” the following categories will contest: documentary, clips, film, promotional spot and performance; the contest for children expressive arts “I paint my movie” will be also held.

The works in contest must have been done during the last 2 years and should reflect the daily socio- cultural life of the province in attractive aesthetics and conceptual strictness.

“Surimagen” will also promote the most recent creations from the Cuban Cinematographic Industry; works from young filmmakers produced with personal resources, and will open a space for dialogue among the specialists, specialized critics and the audience that consumes the audiovisual product.

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