The champion is already among his people

The champion is already among his peopleBuilding 61 in Castillo- CEN Popular Council in Cienfuegos became a human boiling pot. Everyone wanted to participate closely in the acknowledgment given to Robeisy Ramírez Carrazana, brilliant new champion in the just- finished Juvenile Boxing World Championship, celebrated in Baku in which Cuba also won world supremacy.

“It is always like this- tells us Idania Carrazana, mother of the athlete, referring to the warm welcome offered- since he was a child everybody follows and supports him; people see him off in every competition and wait for his return with great love, whether he gets the gold or not”.

Almost the whole community was there, and between cheers, drums, whistles and songs a true party took shape in front of the champion´s home.

After the joy we could interview the boxer, visibly moved by the warm welcome.

“Yes, it is something really beautiful. Everyone salutes you, congratulates you, and hugs you. They are my neighbors, my friends and relatives, the ones who have seen me grow up and always supported me. When I left I promised the gold medal and here it is”.

About his coronation in the 54 kilogram division, Robeisy reckons that it was an expected award. “I trained very well and I got good results both in national matches and international tours. I knew I could get the gold. And I had to improve what I did in the Cadets World Championship last year. What I wanted the most was to have a return match against the boxer that beat me in that event, but this time he lost in his first fight”.

Seven times this athlete from Cienfuegos proved his quality on the ring of Serhedchi, including the beating given to Indian Shiva Thapa in the final match 14- 1. “Despite this, there were no easy fights, because as our coach Humberto Horta always tells us, there is no little enemy. I reckon that the first match versus the Kazakhstani boxer proved to be the most difficult one, I mean, the one that worried me the most. After I overcame that pitfall I felt more comfortable and confident”.

The captain of the Juvenile National Selection also celebrates the Cuban victory among countries, 11th time within the 16 world versions.

“That was the objective too, and we made it. We are not satisfied because we know that the results could have been better. There we faced some wrong decisions from the judges, something already usual, and several of our boxers presented below their real possibilities, which made us lose apparent victories. All in all, it was a great performance”.

Considered by many as one of the great prospects in this sport in our country, the bantam weight from Cienfuegos expresses his aspirations.

My dream is to become in Olympic Champion. First, in the Youth Games in Singapore; then in the big leagues”.

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