The Cuban state sector saved over 54 tons of fuel during 2010

The Cuban state sector saved over 54 tons of fuel during 2010The Cuban state sector gets to the Electrical Services Workers Day with 0.6% decrease in fuel consumption.

The stats, released during the visit of the Cuban Vice- president Ramiro Valdés Menéndez, specify that the reduction surpassed 101 800 megawatts during 2010.

The amount is equivalent to over 54 500 tons of fuel, half of it concerning efficiency concepts within power generation.

A favorable datum is the fact that the power mills consumed 2.3 grams of fuel less per kilowatt/hour produced, better indicator regarding 2009.

The reduction also proves the efficacy of the saving measures based on organizational methods, production efficiency and moving the loads during high demand times in the nation.

The analysis brought that from October to December 2010 the residential sector used only what was planned although there was a 2% rise regarding 2009, which indicates that there are reserves in the Cuban homes, whose waste represent 52% of the country´s consumption.

Investments in this sector seek increasing efficiency in power distribution: examples of it are the 42 substations from 110 to 13.8 kilowatts that have been working for three years in the country. The last one of them was inaugurated in Cienfuegos and will benefit four housing projects of the provincial capital.

The investment based on Russian top technology eliminates double transformation of electricity, stabilizes voltage in populous neighborhoods reducing losses in the nets. It is estimated that its installation saves 125 megawatts/hour a month.

January 14th was chosen at the triumph of the Revolution as the Electrical Services Workers Day, since this day in 1934 the anti- imperialist fighter Antonio Guiteras Holmes signed the intervention of the wrongly called “Cuban Power Company”, property of the United States of America in the country.

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