Tour of Eduardo Sosa and his band in Cienfuegos

Tour of Eduardo Sosa and his band in CienfuegosCuban singer Eduardo Sosa and his band started a tour through Cienfuegos province. The first stops in their schedule were taken in Cumanayagua municipality and “Octavio García”Art Instructors School.

In this educational facility they held an interesting meeting with students and professors of the Music specialty in what the singer called a “didactic concert”.

As an excellent communicator, the singer shared with the audience anecdotes related to the origins of traditional Cuban folk music and its main representatives, and he sang some universally known songs such as “Lágrimas negras” (Black tears) from Miguel Matamoros.

The young musicians, who 8 months ago started working as part of his band, showed the richness and wide variety of possibilities of this kind of music. The tour is called “A mi me gusta compay”, which under the musical direction of guitar player René Avich has taken the band to the stages in the municipalities of Abreus and the Casa del Joven Creador within Hermanos Saíz Association.

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