Transformations on education will benefit projects of socio- economical development in Cienfuegos

Transformations on education will benefit projects of socio- economical development in CienfuegosThe 380 school facilities in Cienfuegos will be ready for course 2010-2011. This year the academic year brings changes considered necessary for the country. The Technical- Professional Level (Spanish acronym ETP), for instance, concentrates here a great deal of the perfection process applied to educational models. On this theme we offer statements made by the Provincial Director of Education in Cienfuegos, José Antonio Del Pino.

What is the growth experienced by ETP registration and what are the perspectives of this level from this course on?

“ETP is an educational level we are fostering due to the needs of the province; I´m referring to the need for labor force, technicians and workers motivated by the investment programs carried out in our country today”, expressed Del Pino.

“In our province we are growing considerably in terms of registration in ETP courses and specialties; we are talking about over 1300 students that entered this level of education due to the needs stated by every entity and enterprise in the province. These students- added the official- are distributed in all the municipalities of the province, located in institutions that will guarantee the demands of the territory.  We are going to offer the educational service and we will count on great support from the professional labor force in the entities and enterprises. They will prepare their own labor force. We already set agreements and special areas in the enterprises in which the students will use the laboratories and other technical resources, I´m telling you, with their own specialists and thus they will have qualified graduates”.

Which specialties are being prioritized?

“We won´t have all specialties in all the municipalities; for example, here in Cienfuegos, due to the importance of the petro- chemical pole, we have concentrated a group of specialties related to petroleum. In the rest of the municipalities we opened the specialties related to agriculture, cattle breeding and construction based on the importance of the work on urban and suburban agriculture, the delivery of land as usufruct, food production, etc. the idea is that workers belong to the places they live in; take closer the formation of labor force to the place where the labor is needed; as for the case of construction, we are backing up the demands of such enterprises so that every territory could count with stone masons, technicians on hydro-sanitary or electrical installations so that we would not have to face expenses in transportation, food supplies, using students from boarding schools that make more expensive the services we offer. Among the novelties it is also the creation of coeducational facilities, in which several educational levels coincide. According to our data, the province of Cienfuegos has 20 of such centers”.

What are the advantages of this new mode?

“It is important to point out all the elements that these transformations and education as such can contribute to the country´s economy. Regarding saving, it can be mentioned the optimal use of human and material resources”.

“These schools hold a very important advantage. Since we opened new facilities as urban Senior High Schools, other facilities were released. What we will do is to gather the students in those facilities showing the best conditions for living and studying, lowering economic expenses and improving teaching quality; the result is a higher graduate preparation”.

The objective of these modifications being applied this year is to adjust the teaching models to the needs of the country´s economic development. According to statistics this province has a registration superior to 76 000 students.

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