Vladimir Rodríguez returns to his “findings” in the Dust of Our Era

Vladimir Rodríguez returns to his "findings" in the Dust of Our EraAlthough it seems to allude to the famous tango from Carlos Gardel “Volver”, it is actually the most recent exposition from the artist Vladimir Rodríguez, opened in the Municipal Gallery of Cienfuegos.

As a retrospective, it shows important moments of his creative labor. Two decades of the conception of an idea that provides thematic coherence to his work can be seen. “Volver” (To return) is the possibility of enjoying again Vladimir´s mythical- poetic tendency, from his “findings” digging in the past, reviewing the present aiming for the future.

Expressive sensitivity and skill to model ceramics, enable the artist to create a particular mythological universe, in which eternal questions of who we are and where we are going are present.

From the great series “Private Beast Collection” (Spanish “Bestiario Particular”) outstand works such as Minotauro, Fragmentos de Empaque Once, Mutantes, El Guije de la Bajada and Osaín, which are works included in the “Dust of Our Era”, a project referred to Death that shows the artist´s constant concern about life.

“It is through time- tells Vladimir- returning to showing the great installations; it is to return to the ceramic works I used to do and I´m doing again. Although someone said that 20 years is nothing, this is a selection of the fragments of that wider work, related to Death, Life and After life, that comprise 134 works. They wouldn´t fit here. So, I´ve tried to show those that in a subtle way have marked turning points in my career from the aesthetic and conceptual to make them dialogue in the same space”.

Rodríguez have managed to rule a particular aesthetic language that wanders among the mythical and real to offer us his findings (figurations) just like an archeologist would do in terms of human essence, as the necessary spring for thought.

The series “Homosabios” can also be seen; works that the artist will present in the Amelia Peláez Biannual Ceramics event, to be held in Havana City from June 1st to 8th

are also displayed as premier.

Rodríguez seems to make his the adagio to found his work, offering a mythological universe loaded with symbols and numerological interpretations, that has been eroded for over two decades to warn on certain human behaviors.

“Homosabios”, which had it genesis in the engravings made by the artista by the end of 2008 as sketches, is the first volumetrically shown work, out of seven he intends to make in terracotta.

With more complex philosophical questionings, from the symbolic point of view, the work has to do with statism, introversion and power, stated the artist.

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