Water reservoirs in Cienfuegos favored by rains

Water reservoirs in Cienfuegos favored by rainsWith 51 observation sites, the special net for information implemented by the Enterprise for the Use of Hydrological Resources in Cienfuegos province, updated the store capacity of each and every water reservoir in the southern territory after the pass of the 16th tropical depression.

During the two days in which this depression impacted the province 64.9 rain millimeters were reported in the province, which propitiated reaching 65% of storage capacity with 213 million cubic meters of level water.

According to Orlando Delgado Cabrera, technical Director of the Enterprise for the Use of Hydrological Resources, “… the historical monthly rate is 218.4 and the reservoirs have already received 240.1, 110% of the average. The province reached 92.3% regarding the historical average, despite the fact that this year has been particularly humid”, stated Delgado Cabrera.

“Among the most favored municipalities is Abreus, showing 85% of the historical rate; and the least favored one is Aguada de Pasajeros with 45%. The rest of the municipalities are between 67 and 79% of the previously mentioned rates for this stage”, pointed out Luis Estupiñán Suárez, specialist on Hydrological Resources Management.

The availability of water in the 6 reservoirs enables to store and regulate the hydric volumes derived from the meteorological phenomenon. Meanwhile, the seven underground bowls show a favorable increasing tendency, thus the levels are supposed to grow as well.

Nevertheless, the figures show that in both the national and the territorial terms, the rain falls do not compensate the accumulated deficit, since most of the reservoirs in the country are currently below 50% of their capacity.

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