Yards from Cienfuegos Mountain Range stand out in Urban Agriculture

Yards from Cienfuegos Mountain Range stand out in Urban AgricultureWhen you enter Domingo and Araceli´s backyard you can appreciate the natural beauty of the surroundings and the delicate artistic values of women by the hand of this couple that since their insertion in 2005 in the Urban Agriculture Movement, their backyard has set a mark in the whole country, to the extent that they hold the condition of National Reference.

These days the couple aims for the category of Excellency. Domingo and Araceli in few words summarized the essential elements to turn a backyard into a productive unit: “… work with a lot of love and above all, respect farming culture from our predecessors. You need to know the phases of the Moon, the season of the year of every crop”.

In the 400 meters of their backyard, Domingo and Araceli grow ornamental and medicine plants, vegetables, spices; they raise pigs and chicken, all of these productions having wide benefits for the family economy and that of the neighbors as well. Araceli states that she is a diabetic and thus she must eat fruit and vegetables and due to the production of the backyard she has never had to buy these products necessary for her disease.

Domingo del Sol Dealma stated that his roots are 100% farmer ones and that what he does in his backyard along with his wife is anything but extraordinary; it is the lesson learnt from his parents.

In Cumanayagua municipality there are two other backyards like Domingo and Araceli´s that hold the condition of National Reference, that is why the National Group for Urban Agriculture acknowledges the potential of the backyards in the territoryfor food production

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