Young man from Cienfuegos grows over 65 species of orchids in his small backyard

Young man from Cienfuegos grows over 65 species of orchids in his small backyardAlthough he majored on Economy, Diorge Almaguer felt attracted to plants since he was a boy. Researching on the plants world was always his hobby. He had a big dream: creating his own garden. But his aspiration turned out too big for his small backyard.

“I decided to do this when I saw that after the impact of the last hurricane orchid gardens such as Soroa´s were affected. Then I thought that some day my small collection could be necessary”- comments the young man.

This way and with a great deal of effort a modest environmental project was born two years ago, with the aim of rescuing endemic and endangered species, mainly orchid varieties, Diorge´s favorite plant.

“These are plants that do not think, but they do feel. You have to domesticate them. Condition them in their micro climate either on earth or epiphyte. It is a very complicated work but it is worth it”- he explains.

The small Laredo garden located near to “Las Minas” popular council in Cienfuegos attracts visitors. In there, in an organized and harmonic way many species of plants are treasured; 65 of them orchids.

The work is not easy but Diorge´s vocation towards plants is huge. He continues researching. He trusts his little garden will turn into giant some day.

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