Youth as distinctive feature in Cienfuegos Soccer Team

Youth as distinctive feature in Cienfuegos Soccer TeamIt has been already disclosed that Cienfuegos soccer players (nationally known as The Mariners) will face the so called Promotion- Descent Tournament of the Cuban Soccer League with a quite renewed team, in which a great deal of very Young athletes get for the first time to a 1st category championship.

The coaching staff has also been renewed, starting by novice Head Coach Liosbel Lara, former defense player in our teams. Sandiel Díaz and Yuniet García were part of the staff in the team that managed to be champion in the last School Games and they now face a bigger challenge. “As for me it is something quite difficult- assures Sandiel, since as many of you know I was a member of this team until short ago. That´s why I feel under pressure, but at the same time I feel satisfied and happy. I could even say I am beginning to feel fulfilled.

Yuniet states that “… this work is not the same tan the one in the lower categories, in which teaching outstands. In here you must give your best with athletes that sometimes are even older than you and who have more experience. I always wanted to be a goalkeeper but my physical conditions didn´t allow it to happen. Thus, it is a debt to be settled: collaborating in the preparation of this important area and seriously, I´m doing pretty good. “

The case of trainer Pablo Emilio Aroche, who takes again his place after several years is different.

“Experience from that year in which I was part of the Coaching Staff has been of great use these days. I really acknowledge those who trusted me in moments in which soccer in Cienfuegos tries to find again the winning path. I am one of those who agrees with the idea that The Mariners do not deserve to be in Second Division and I am sure that the coming competition will prove us right”.

Lots of youth and immense will to win joined to a history that has its own value will accompany the Mariners in this new voyage. Going through the Promotion- Descent Tournament is the first goal and the courts of Sancti Spiritus will tell the bottom line.

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